Facts about the Fantasy Premier League

The Fantasy premier League is a game whereby its participants select footballers from various clubs to form an imaginary team that can entered in various leagues. It was begun in 1990s and has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent past to become the world’s biggest and the most popular fantasy football game. It is free to play.
You are provided with a virtual budget of £100m. With this budget, you are required to buy 15 players from the available list of players. You can only select three players or less from one Barclays Premier League team. You can only form one team, but this team can play in various leagues. You can enter the already available leagues or create your own, and pick your team every week.

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How you earn points
Your success depends on how your players perform in the field. If a player players for more than 60 minutes in a match, you earn points, but when he is shown a yellow or a red card, you lose points. You also get points when a player makes an assist or scores a goal. Goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders earn you points when they maintain a clean sheet, but when a goal is conceded, you lose points. When a goalkeeper saves a penalty or blocks more than 3 points, you get points and you lose points when a player misses a penalty. Obviously, you lose points when your player scores an own goal. Depending on the amount of points you get, you can win several prizes. There are various other ways of earning points, including the Bonus Points System (BPS) that uses a wide range of statistical reports to create BPS scores for all the players.

The Fantasy premier League goes hand in hand with the Barclays Premier League. In each Gameweek, you are required to select a team. Where there are two games in the same week, you earn two sets of points depending on the performance of your players. You can play any formation you decide, just like any other manager of the Premier league. There are transfer deadlines for each Gameweek, within which you can change your team according to your plans. The prices of the players depend on the activities of the transfer market. The formula of determining the prices of player is however complicated and is not disclosed to game players.

There are leagues of the supporters of various teams in the Premier League, and you are entered into these leagues automatically as long as you select your favorite team before the deadline. There are also private leagues in the Fantasy premier League. A private league can have a limitless number of teams, and manager tactics are a well-kept secret in the Fantasy premier League. That is why you are not able to view other teams in your league before the beginning of their first Gameweek. You are automatically entered into various global leagues, including The Fantasy Cup that starts in Gameweek 18.

In summary, Fantasy premier League allows football fans to exercise their football knowledge and get several prizes for it. Just like soccer itself, it is not easy. It requires you to make important decisions that will determine your success in the league.